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Latest Shoutbox
JoyMix:looking for Active Crew in Torax
rachel:i love the taste of cum! Igive 7---8 blow jobs a day, just can't get enough!!
broscuta:who has a python to transfer woz , sigil ?
DANKFIRE:awesome, thank you shane! also do you know why i always get an error when trying to move certain places? like the planes of darkness and nature i notice it all the time. i have to momve there myself then start typpo. and like a previous person suggested could you maybe add all the teleporters as options for when your lost or moving? like how edcaa saves what keys your characters has for teleporting and moving
Newest Rooms
26062:Spectral Grove
26116:Spectral Grove
26115:Spectral Grove
26114:Spectral Grove
26113:Spectral Grove
26112:Spectral Grove
26111:Spectral Grove
26110:Spectral Grove
26117:Spectral Grove
26109:Spectral Grove
Newest Mobs
Sun Reader [73] [Room# 8951]
Apprentice Pyro [73] [Room# 8951]
Unleashed Phoenix [73] [Room# 8951]
Mumbling Sorcerer [72] [Room# 8951]
Mumbling Sorcerer [72] [Room# 8951]
Tror [75] [Room# 8951]
Ephramadian Shade [65] [Room# 8951]
Ephramadian Shade [65] [Room# 8951]
Ephramadian Shade [65] [Room# 8951]
Ephramadian Specter [65] [Room# 8951]
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    Website Is EOLI would like to take this time to thank all the people who have been using my website and tools for the last 9 years. It has been a blast. It is now time for me to move on.
    I will not be providing support of any kind for my tools for outwar. This website is now end of life.